Running to Lose Weight by RunningGuru

I have decided to start up running again. I had difficulties running because I was wearing improper footwear (prior to getting into the footwear business). My back would tense up when I ran. Little did I know at the time that properly fitting footwear was key in preventing strains in my back. I’ll talk about proper footwear another time, but I found this post by Running Guru here:


How to consistently lose weight with running.

1. A Hard Truth

First of all, a hard truth: if you are overweight it means you are eating too much. Now, mind my words. I didn’t say you are eating a lot, I simply said you are eating too much.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Food is our source of energy; it is the fuel that allows us to perform every task: from basic ones such as breathing, pumping the blood around the body and walking around to complex ones such as carrying the TV up the stairs or running when you’re late for the bus.

Our bodies are efficient machines. We come from a time when food was scarce and reducing waste was key to survival. Fat is the way your body stores extra energy. When you eat more than what your body needs, your brain doesn’t go “oh well, this is extra, I don’t need it – let’s get rid of it”. What your brain thinks is “Fantastic! Extra energy! Let me store this in case tomorrow you won’t be able to hunt a bison down so we can use this energy instead”.

Your body then proceeds to process that extra food and transform it into fat, which then gets stored under your skin a bit all around your body: your gut, (man) boobs, bum, legs and face.

You see, your brain doesn’t see fat as a bad thing. It sees it as a fantastic way to ensure survival in case you won’t be able to find food in the future.

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