Courses Everyone Should Take

A handful of US college graduates will be upset that the skills they learned during their college career have no application or minimal application to their jobs and careers. I will often hear someone say that all you need from college is the piece of paper, also known as a degree.

I was thinking about a couple of subjects that the general public receive minimal exposure to, but are necessary in life. Here is a list of subject courses that everyone should have some exposure to, but don’t.

1. Psychology 101 – Everyone should learn basics to psychology. Not only is it fascinating, but you learn why humans behave the way they do. You learn why addicts have difficult time breaking their habits. You learn why you marry someone like your mother or father (Oedipus complex and Electra complex).
2. Design 101 – Designs are critical to every aspect of life. You can take apart basic elements and structures and determine why a certain piece of art, product, or thing was designed in that manner.
3. Common Courtesy and Etiquette 101 – We live in a world that is selfish and poor mannered. And the worst thing is it continues to spiral downward. Everyone seeks to serve themselves. On the opposite side of the world, you have some of the most courteous people in the world, the Japanese. A course on learning how to be respectful and courteous would prove helpful.
4. Interpersonal Skills 101 – This is probably the most important. Learning how to communicate and interact with people is a fundamental skill in any facet… but it’s never learned and people are assumed to have basic abilities.
5. Carbon Footprint 101 – The sole purpose of life is to mate and create little you(s). Learn how your diurnal activities affect those you will be creating and what kind of world you are shaping for them.
Do you have anything else you would suggest?

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