Disrupt Your Internal Monologue via Visual Stimulation

Visual stimulation is a technique that can be used to change your inner mood and dialogue. When you are feeling down, look below at this chart and then search for photos that can alter your mood based on the color palettes and feelings below:

Blue: Power, will, faith, protection, direction, courage, obedience to the direction of the higher Self.
Yellow, Gold: Illumination, wisdom, self-knowledge and Self-knowledge, understanding, cosmic consciousness, open-mindedness.
Pink, Rose: Love, compassion, beauty, selflessness, sensitivity, appreciation, comfort, creativity, charity, generosity.
White: Purity, hope, joy, self-discipline, integration, perfection, wholeness, nurturing.
Emerald Green: Truth, vision, holding the highest vision of oneself and others, healing, wholeness, abundance, clarity, constancy, focus, music, science.
Purple & Gold: Peace, brotherhood, selfless service, right desire, balance,
Violet: Freedom, mercy forgiveness, justice, transcendence, alchemy,
transmutation, diplomacy, intuition, prophecy, revelation.

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