What to Eat? Swole.me!


If you’re always wondering what the heck you need to eat while you’re on a diet and you’re looking for a random generator, look no further! Swole.me is a food generator. If you register, it will log all your meals and break down the caloric values of each and every food you’ve ingested.

Here’s an intro:

  1. The generator throws together foods to fit your calorie and macronutriet targets. Don’t like what you got? Hit generate again or mess with the generator options.
  2. Foods can be moved around by clicking and dragging.
  3. You can customize the units and amounts by hovering over the food item.
  4. Click the lock next to a food or meal to prevent the generator from changing it. You can add foods, lock them, and then use the generator as an “autocomplete.”

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