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It’s been about six months since those 2012 New Year’s Resolutions and how far underway are you with those goals? How many goals have you achieved? Well, if you’re like 99% of the population, you’ve already given up on most of those goals. Here’s a potential game-changer. It’s called www.stickk.com.

It is a goal setting and accomplishing plan, based off of Yale University researched. We require incentives and motives to accomplish our goals. Usually, our drive isn’t enough. You can put stakes (optional) and donate money to charity, if you don’t accomplish your goala.

You can find more information on stickK’s website, but here is a basic excerpt:

Just click the Make a Commitment button to get started.The process has four sections:
What do you want to achieve and what time frame will you give yourself to achieve it?
As an added incentive to succeed, do you want to lay money on the line? If so, how much? If you fail, where do you want that money to go?
Who do you want to designate to monitor your progress and confirm the truth of your reports to stickK?
Who do you want to have cheering you on?
Let’s walk you through the process…

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