A Deeper Look Into 99Designs

99designs receives raves for its ability to get your desired design through crowdsourced work. To be honest, I’ve used the service and as a business owner, I loved the interface and working with a team of designers. However, if you’re a designer, you may want to stray away.

Businesses love it because they have power. They are able to leverage hundreds of designers all over the world and choose one designer and pay them for it.

Designers hate it because they have to input tens and, potentially hundreds, of hours into their design and artwork without a guarantee of payment. Essentially, you’re working for free. However, if you’re wanting to hone your artwork abilities and don’t expect payment, then go right ahead and sign up as a designer!

There are number of reviews that absolutely hate 99designs.com. Here is a vehement review against 99designs and what it stands for:

Just when I think the design community is becoming educated about Elance and its destructive and malignant brethren, along comes another site that appears to be even worse. 99designs, founded by some SitePoint guys, uses inane web 2.0 vernacular (“crowdsourcing”), deceivingly open-armed design (“oh look, it’s a paper airplane icon! tee-hee!”), and the thin veil of “contests” to come across as a legit alternative to traditional business practices.

More here – http://www.graphicpush.com/99designs-bullshit-20

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