Be Pro-Active, Not Reactive

Sometimes it is a nightmare to work for a company. You go to work and put out fires day in and day out. You feel like you just got into work, you have accomplished next to nothing, but it is already time to go home. All day seemed like fixing one problem after another. This, my friend, is because you are being reactive. You’re lacking foresight and letting issues become larger. These large issues eventually become larger fires and are harder to put out.

Why not be proactive? Anticipate problems before they occur. This is a difficult skill to cultivate, but it is a skill that can be learned through practice and experience.

How can we be proactive? Well, there are five steps that will take practice and learning.

  1. Predict what is going to happen. This is why experience is such a stronger teacher. Experience gives you a deeper ability to predict what will happen next. Since experience teaches you familiarity, you can accurately foresee what will happen.
  2. Plan how you will act. Since you’ve made a prediction, how can you plan preparations to accommodate for those predictions?
  3. Prepare for it! Now that you’ve made a plan, do it!
  4. Reflect. After you have completed a project or a task. Reflect. Did your planning efficiently and effectively eliminate any potential problems prior to their occurrence? What else could you have done? Be objective and truthful.
  5. Write it down. This way you can remember it for the future.

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