Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are deep, internal thoughts that prevent you from taking action by hemming restrictive barriers in order to protect your inner pride. In other words, they are thoughts drive inaction subconsciously.

For example, let’s say that you saw a gorgeous supermodel walking down the street. You are single and there is no one else around. Chance has created the perfect opportunity for you to approach the supermodel and engage in conversation. But, what happens? You don’t.

What was the underlying cause? Fear of rejection? No. A preset limiting belief is most likely what triggered you from approaching and speaking with the supermodel.

There are three driving limiting beliefs that we have: hopelessness, helplessness, and worthlessness.

Maybe you said to yourself, “that supermodel is probably already seeing someone.” — fear of reality/ hopelessness

Maybe you said to yourself, “I’m busy right now so I have no time to talk to that supermodel.” — excuse creation / helplessness.

Maybe you said to yourself, “that supermodel would never date someone like me…” — inadequacy of self-value / worthlessness.

Hopelessness is the mentality in which regardless of what you do, you don’t have any control over the results. This is wrong. Helplessness is the mindset in which the result is possible, but you are incapable of achieving such results. This is wrong. Worthlessness is the belief that you do not deserve good things and you believe that you offer no fundamental value to anyone. This is wrong. This is all wrong.

Commit to your actions and purge these limiting beliefs. Every single person has the potential to offer high value to our society. Value is the direct result of action.

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