Spark of Creativity – Do It Yourself Cork Bulletin Board

I was at Staples the other day and decided to buy 30 tiles of cork since they were on clearance. Not knowing what I wanted to build or use these cork tiles, I did some searching on the internet and discovered my next project.

I happened to stumble upon Amber Interior Design, which seems like a creative outlet for interior design. Amber, your website is pretty awesome.

Anyways, click here for the website and instructions. Excerpt below:


My office is still in a pretty big mess, however I have managed to create the MASSIVE corkboard on my wall. It’s by far one of my favorite things in the house. Right now my side of the board is decorated with all my fabric inspirations and pretty stuff, and the ducks side is looking a bit sad. He has little to put up there…..except our property tax bill 🙁
Anyways here is the “how to” of the project.

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