The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is a great diet that returns humans to their “caveman” roots. With the correct diet, you can lose massive weight while keeping your body properly nourished. There is more about it here from FitBomb – excerpt below:

Q: What foods can you eat on a Paleo diet? And what can’t you eat?

A: I do my best to stick to whole, unprocessed foods: meat, eggs, seafood, non-starchy vegetables — and some (but not a ton of) fruit, nuts and seeds. I try to avoid eating things with sugar, grains (yes, whole grains, too), legumes (and not just because of their fart-inducing properties), and polyunsaturated fats. In short, I eat anything that can be hunted or gathered, and try to avoid stuff that’s processed, cultivated, or sealed in colorful packaging labeled “HEART-HEALTHY!” or “LOW-FAT!” (Really. I’ll explain later.)

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