Stop Crossing Those Hands

Cross your hands. Which arm crosses over the top? 70% of people feel more comfortable placing their left arm over their right arm. Uncross your hands. And now cross them one more time. Are you comfortable?

Starting today, count the number of times you cross your hands. Why is this important? Well, we may not think much of it, but in a deep psychological and subconscious level, crossing of the hands is a mechanism in which we have developed over the years to shield ourselves from any potential harmful attacks. Unconsciously, we feel like we’re protecting ourselves from any undesired circumstances. This is why you feel so comfortable crossing your hands.

So what’s the problem? The problem is that we lose credibility when we cross our arms. When a salesman has his/her arms cross when they’re talking about their product, you’re more likely not to believe him. This is because that salesperson is in a closed body language position. When we begin crossing our arms, it becomes a habit. These habits will negatively impact our persuasive capabilities.

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