Train Yourself to Laugh and Smile

Smiling has so many positive implications – our health vastly improves and your chances for cancer and other disease are drastically reduced. You should train yourself to smile and laugh. Make it a habit to smile at random strangers. It may feel odd and you may get weird responses, but if you smile more often, it will become a habit.

Your sensory muscles will naturally acclimate to that position and you will have a much more positive outlook on life. Conversely, if you frown often and if you are mad often, your face will acclimate to that position. This makes you less approachable.

So how do you train yourself to smile and laugh? Try training yourself at home. Practice smiling into the mirror and laughing at yourself – force it. Do this for 10 minutes a day. Then go out into the real world and practice smiling at other people. It feels good.

When you meet someone new, smiling and laughing assist in building rapport and create the framework to a better relationship. Because we are empathic creatures, we warm up to people who offer smiles to us and make us laugh. We find them more attractive whether it is for business or for personal developments.

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