How to Make Meetings More Productive

Meetings are both important and dreadful to sit through. They bring a sense of collective awareness of the progress of your company and the upcoming agenda. However, sometimes a topic that you have no affiliation and no control over is discussed in painful detail for an extensive period of time.

How can we make these meetings more effective? Allowing people to leave in the middle of meetings can cause chaos and a loss of productivity and attention. So what can we do?

  1. Eliminate Monday Meetings – Monday’s are the most busy and most unprepared days of the week. People are coming back from the weekend and they most likely have a ton of emails and tasks that have collected over that time. Yes, arguably meetings may give you the time to organize that information, but it’s at the cost of everyone else that is sitting through it. I suggest allowing Monday to organize and meeting on Tuesday. This will give you concision and precision for meeting topics.
  2. Create a discussion post for meeting topics. People can only add discussion posts until the day before the meeting. Nothing outside of these discussion posts should be addressed during the meeting. This is to prevent any “put out last minute fires” that are randomly broached during the meeting. Usually, these last minute topics are unimportant, but don’t seem so because they’re the most recent.
  3. Involve only the necessary people. It’s pointless to call everyone that you think should be present during the meeting. You’re effectively wasting their time. Only have the most critical people sit in during the meetings.

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