The Beauty of Brainstorm – From TenFour, Creative Ad Agency

Some awesome tips to brainstorm from the TenFour creative marketing agency:

  • Invite as many people as you can.
    Don’t just let the design team take over. Some of the greatest ideas I’ve heard have come from people that are far removed from the topic. If your back-end developer and project manager have a few minutes, invite them along!
  • Go offsite or quarantine yourself from the rest of the office.
    Nothing kills a great idea flow faster than people popping in and out with distracting topics.
  • Generate as many ideas as possible in the time frame.
    Give yourself a large pool of ideas from which to pick and choose later.
  • Don’t criticize.
    It kills creativity and intimidates people that don’t normally want to speak up.
  • Don’t kill an idea because it’s “been done.”
    Just because somebody else has used it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve done it well. Write it down anyway – there are ways you can make it your own.
  • Push the envelope.
    Sometimes the weirder the better! You can always scale back.
  • Combine ideas to improve them.
    Look for ways to take several “weaker” ideas and see if they can work together.
  • Take a break, let it stew and come back to it the next day.
    Things always look better in the morning. Also, once you get those creative juices flowing, ideas can pop up in your sleep, in the shower, on your commute. Just like a fine wine – good ideas expand and get better with age!

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