10 Important Messages to Live By – Dr. V. Nallainayagam

Dr. V. Nallainayagam is a economics and political science professor at Mount Royal University. Here is his insight for a balanced you.
  1. Cherish and Value Education: It is the only acquisition that will stay with you always.
  2. Believe In Yourself, Dare to Dream And Never Give Up: You are capable of achieving much more than what you believe is possible.
  3. Try To Give Your Best In Everything You Do: Time is the most precious resource you have and you should, therefore, use it wisely.
  4. Do Not Be Hard On Yourself: Even in the depth of despair believe that things will pass and that a better and brighter future awaits you.
  5. Take Responsibility For Your Actions: Do not blame others for your failures nor judge them harshly for their own short-comings.
  6. Be Free Of Hatred And Prejudices: Respect all living things and remember prejudice and hatred have led to more destruction and conflict than all other forces in history.
  7. Love All And Serve All: Reach out to others and give back to society that has nurtured you, whatever you can. Service is the greatest joy in life.
  8. Bring Spirituality Into Your Life: Lead a life of truthfulness, integrity and purity.
  9. Travel Widely: Travel widens horizons and fosters reflection on life’s wonderful diversity.
  10. Work with Others to Create A More Peaceful, Respectful and Tolerant World.

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