Dreams, Visions, and Goals

When I read and listen other successful, prolific entrepreneurs, there has always been one significant factor that both confused me and drove me insane – the topic of dreams, visions, and goals. Timothy Ferris says in his 4 Hour Work Week that it is better to make unrealistic goals – ones we could never accomplish. In interviews with on Reddit, he says the complete opposite: make goals easily accomplishable. Which one is it?

I think the reason I have had so much confusion is there was not a distinct barrier between what dreams are and what goals are. So let me begin by setting the parameters and definitions of each words:

Dreams are exactly what we think they are. These are what we wish to accomplish, had we been omniscient and omnipotent. Dreams should be unrealistic. Dream big.

Visions are more tangible and realistic than dreams. This is where you wish to be with calculated limitations, after all, we are just human. Everyone needs a dream to have a vision. Most people who have dreams, falter here and it is a tragedy. Blind people have no physical vision, but most people who can see don’t have a mental vision.

Goals are measurable and achievable mediums that give us metrics to our vision. I will follow up tomorrow with how to write better goals. It is critical to set goals in your life because if you have no goals then you are aim for nothing and if you aim for nothing, you hit it every single time.

Make sure you dream big and set goals low. Don’t ever broadcast your dreams or your goals because then you are less inclined in accomplishing them.

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