Management – Fostering Competent Team Members

Do you have employees or colleagues? Job hierarchy provides infrastructure to a business, but employees carry a negative connotation. If you call the people who work for you employees, they will think and act like employees. Their mindset will differ immensely than yours. They will build up hostilities both subconsciously and consciously. They will feel ordered and bossed around because that is exactly what you are inflicting. You will notice that they come late and leave early.

However, their perspective is the opposite. They work for you. They give up long and hard hours for you to make the big bucks. They don’t think or consider anything beyond what they see.

This is why it is important to correctly term and name your coworkers. Colleagues is a neutral term. Colleagues are people you work with. There is very little personal connection. Although, it may sound professional, it may not be the most efficient nor effective for your business.

Team members gives a strong, positive feel. Team members will give. They will feel like they’re part of the team. However, just because you call them team members does not mean that they will feel that way. As a boss¬†fellow team member, you have to treat them as one. This is just the beginning of fostering a competent team member.

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