5 Ways to Avoid the Age of Mis-Information

Through the world wide web, you have a limitless resource to information and knowledge. The problem is that there is a wealth of misinformation out there. How can we prevent deception? Here are 5 steps:

  1. Find Credible Sources. Most credible sources will do due diligence in finding information prior to spreading the information. Of course, they get it wrong every so often as well.
  2. Find Proof of Sources. Research and data should back up whatever it is that you are searching.
  3. Search for Anecdotes. Although not all firsthand accounts are true, finding anecdotes can be a compelling source of true, genuine information.
  4. Critique using Logical Fallacies. There are a number of logical fallacies found here. Examine if the facts are reliable.
  5. Think about the Implications. If the implications are outlandish, you can identify which claims are plausible and which claims are complete and utter bullshoviks.

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