Words of Advice – Learn Talk to Strangers

One of the most difficult times of transition is graduation from college. You’re looking for a new job, opening a new chapter of your life; its hard to meet new, genuine people that you can connect with. But the inherent problem lies within your thought and the mentality of you.

In college, it’s natural to connect with random classmates, friends, and fellow students. But in the real world, it’s different. It’s a daunting reality of self-oriented businesspeople. But once you can overlook this idea, you discover that the world is filled with intriguing people who can ultimately assist in the growth of your spirituality and career.

You should learn to talk to everyone. Talk to random strangers sitting at the bar, talk to the person sitting next you on the airplane, and talk to the passenger across from you on the subway. Learn to notice the subtle thoughts. Analyze their demeanor and do not judge them.

It’s amazing what you can learn about a field you’re unfamiliar with in a territory you’re unfamiliar with. That’s the beauty in talking to strangers.

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