Breaking Unhealthy Habits

Do you have any unhealthy, bad habits that you want to stop? What compels you to continue these poor habits? Has anyone asked you to stop? I need to foster good habits and replace my bad ones. But how do I do this?

It’s difficult to break habits that we’ve carried with us for extended periods of time. We do them subconsciously. So our first goal is to accept that we are engaging in these habits and identifying the reason that compels us in engaging in these habits.

Then we need to understand how it affects our surrounding people and environment. Think of the ways your habit can improve the general quality of life for you and everyone else. Then you need to make a goal in small strides. Find a support group if its an extremely unhealthy habit. Ask your peers for assistance and guidance.

People have difficulties quitting cold turkey. But with everyone’s positive support, we can all make an effort in breaking poor habits!

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