Siesta – The Power of the Mid-Day Nap

Everyone loves a quick, revitalizing power nap… right? I’m sitting here drowsy and about to doze off after lunch, feeling unproductive. If I commit to a quick nap, some of the benefits of include:

  • Sudden burst of energy (after the nap)
  • More productivity and efficiency (up to 30%)
  • Alertness
  • Better cognitive function for the remainder of the day
  • A reduction in stress
  • Reduction in heart disease
But what are some of the disadvantages?
  • Higher risk of diabetes
  • Possibility of oversleeping and thus feeling groggy/worse for the remainder of the day
  • Indigestion

Naps can be extremely beneficial if you have a number of meetings in the remainder of the day. Make sure you learn how to power nap!

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