Curbing Your Appetite

It’s a difficult thing to do; we love food and we crave it. The simple fact is that protein keeps you fuller for longer periods of time compared to carbohydrates. In other words, meats will keep you full while pastas, breads, rice, etc. will be digested more rapidly.

Our bodies crave sugar highs because we’ve trained it to since we were young. As soon as any refined or white carbohydrates enter our body, that is, white pasta, white bread, white rice, etc. our bodies and our saliva begin immediately breaking it down into sugar. Our bodies have a more difficult time breaking down complex carbohydrates such as whole grain and wheat. Our body loves the sugar and begins craving it when we deplete the sugar in our blood.

You have to train yourself to resist these temptations and these cravings. The first week is the most difficult. Once you get some momentum, it should be slightly easier to curb your appetite. Just follow a couple of simple guidelines:

  1. Get rid of all junk food around you. If you see it, you’ll subconsciously think about it.
  2. Avoid all processed and refined sugars.
  3. Think about the negative result on your body.
  4. Force yourself to eat veggies, if you find yourself craving.

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