Improving Weakness vs Fostering Strength

A classic question that has an easy answer: cultivate your strength.

As humans, we don’t change very much. Our weaknesses are developed from either our lack of talent in that field or a cultivation of poor habits or both. We have the capability to do nearly everything, but if we focus all of our energy in practicing our strengths, we become much better and more efficient at things we couldn’t even realize.

We stand apart from others by the little qualities that we are better at. When you look at any good athletes, the first thing you recognize is how good they are at something as opposed to how bad they are at others. When we read an article, we acknowledge the good points it makes prior to the flaws that it may contain. Everything deserves analysis of both components, but strengths are the initial and in most cases, more significant.

Would you rather be good at one thing or be mediocre at many? When you become the best at something, you a truly a master and you receive compensation and recognition for your greatness.

So what should we do with our weaknesses? Well, analyze it. Is it required for your day to day routine? If not, just ignore it. If you need it, measure how significant it is. If it is significant, can you find someone who is strong at it to make up for you?

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