Teaching Others

When you are in a position to teach someone else something, which way is the most effective? Some people think that there is one uniform way to teach every individual. They build very detailed outlines and guidelines. They are very strict on the way they teach. In education, Madeline Hunter was a visionary that revolutionized education by writing a specific lesson plan for teachers. She believed that there was a single method in which all students should learn. But is this truly the best method?

Uniformity would be good if we were all robots with the exact same characteristics. But we’re not. People have different personalities. Some people have shorter attention spans so they have difficulties following the same lesson plan another person may. As humans, to effectively learn something, we need to create a connection. Without this connection, we cannot learn as rapidly and at as much potential.

Uniform teaching is like taking all children down the same path. Some children may get lost along the way and find distractions on the path. But this doesn’t make it right. There’s more than one way to get to the end result. There are many paths.

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