What is Love?

What is love? Is it thinking about that special person every moment of the day? Is it wanting to spend every minute of each hour with them? Or maybe it is just wanting to hold that person’s hand while looking into their eyes.

I want to carry her in my arms. I want to kiss her on the lips, hands, behind the ears, on the side of her neck, and on her back. I want her to lean on my shoulders. I want to be the one to say, “everything will be alright,” when she feels down. I want to be the one to share the moments of joy, the moments of sorrow, and the moments of confusion. I want my shoulder to be on the one she cries on. I want to be the first one she comes to for advice. I want to encourage her when she needs encouragement. I want to be the one to humble her when she’s being arrogant and the one to fill her with confidence when she is lacking. I want to foster courage inside of her when she is feeling hesitation and fear and show her the light when she can only see darkness. I want to promote her strength. I want to accept her flaws. I want to be the first and last person she talks to.

I want her to make me better. I want her to purge my hate, my anger, and my negativity. I want her to help cultivate my abilities and I want her to restore balance in my life.

Is this what love is?

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