Better Yourself by Enhancing Your Vocabulary

The top wealthiest 1% of the US generally have a stronger vocabulary than the general public. They’re armed with hundreds and thousands of words in their arsenal to deploy at any time of their conversation. They have forged these words over the course of their lives. They tend to be more educated and well versed. Thus I advise you follow their lead.

Be on the vanguard of your future by equipping words. What words am I speaking of? You can begin by learning words that the average high school student should know. Yup, I’m talking about those wretched SAT words. If you have not memorized them before, now may be a good chance to start. Already know them? Then advance onto GRE words. Now, knowing them is a good start, but you should be able to correctly use them. How? Adopt them. Use them on a daily basis. Search how they are used and in which scenarios they are correctly used. You don’t have to be eloquent or articulate, but liberating your speech is a powerful skill that you should always be fostering. At first, it may be difficult, but once you practice it enough, you will be able hone this talent.

What’s another way to cultivate your vocabulary? Read. Read books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, anything (except comics). Read lots of them. Analyze the way writers subtly slide difficult words into their writings. Employ similar tactics. Love yourself by making yourself better!

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