Materialism vs Minimalism

I used to classify myself as a minimalist. I had few gadgets and I could survive with just a computer. That’s until I graduated college and got a job.

I took a look at my room and discovered that I have collected quite a few gadgets and materials. When did this happen? I’m sitting on my desktop computer with dual monitors, I have two laptops next to me, one Macbook Air and one Windows 7 Notebook, I have a Motorola Droid RAZR that is in sync with all of my devices, and I even have a freaking HP Touchpad that I’ve synced to all of my computers. And this just the electronics I’m actively using.

Why do I have so much crap? I love collecting headphones so I have 5 different earphones and 9 different headphones. I have a couple of cameras, two digital camcorders, etc.

I want to begin reducing the clutter and return to the minimal fundamentals.  I’m going to be update you on how I plan to do this and my course of action!

I would like to live with the bare necessities. I want to have what I use and nothing beyond. I believe materials are not what determine a person’s social standing nor their worth. I need to appreciate the value of everything by having only the tools that I need. I don’t want to leave a huge carbon footprint. I don’t want to be extravagantly wasteful.

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