Building Resolutions for Failure

New years resolutions are a dime a dozen. People think they will succeed with their resolutions, but (and not to be cynical) humans virtually fail accomplishing all of their resolutions. The reason is because we are lazy, undetermined animals. We need everything to be done for us. We prefer paths with least resistance. When we stand, we want to sit and when we sit, we want to lay down. We’re naturally set up to fail. I failed half of my resolutions for 2011 because they were improperly founded.

So how can we succeed? We need to retain constant focus and determination. We need to learn why we set these goals and figure out what the underlying reason for our goals are. If your resolutions are for a person any other than yourself, you will probably fail. Goals should be created internally so that you can have the determination to complete it. Do it for yourself and do it to survive. Act as a virus. Viruses and bacteria spread in every method possible. We should have this mindset. Treat any obstacle as a poison. Appreciate resistance and deterrents. These will ultimately make you happier when you succeed. And most importantly, enjoy the process.

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