Action: the Distinctive Quality that Separates Success from Failure

Prior to the turn of 2012, my family and I were sitting down at a restaurant, discussing what improvements we should make for a better tomorrow. Our family has always lacked quality conversation so I’m very thankful that we were able to take advantage of this opportunity. When I asked my father what is one piece of advice I should store inside my heart for 2012, he responded with the story of Warren Buffet and a parable from Korean history. He said something I’ve heard before. And I’ve heard this from a variety of sources and people: take action.┬áMy father said the one distinct quality that changed Warren Buffet from the rest of human population is that he took action from his ideas.

When I work with coworkers and manage employees, I’ve always informed them that they should take action. We carry a million thoughts throughout the course of the day. Most of these thoughts directly correlate with what we’re doing at that single point of time. We think of fundamental and systematical ways to improve what we’re doing without even realizing it. However, we never take action from these ideas. Not of the ideas that we have will be improvements and some of them may even hinder us from accomplishing the job. This is because we don’t naturally accept change. Humans innately prefer repetition. When a change it made, it throws our pattern out of sync and makes us uncomfortable. And we don’t like to be in uncomfortable situations.

Think about the last time you had a great idea and did not take action. There are millions of people that want to launch their own business, but they never follow through. Have you ever had a spark of genius in product creation? Did you create it? Have faith in yourself, purge the fear of failure, and just do it.

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