What Motivates You?

Motivation is a difficult control and even more difficult to plant into loved ones. Parents are constantly hoping to nurture motivation into their children. But how do you inspire them to be motivated? Human thoughts and feelings are incredibly complex.

Are you motivated for recognition? Are you motivated for success? Maybe you’re motivated by competition or love. Or maybe you are motivated by good will and faith.

The question, “What motivates you?” is commonly used in job interviews. It is a difficult question to answer, if you haven’t given it much thought. At times, I find myself lethargic and sluggish – finding excuses to prevent me from completing or even beginning my work. But then, I think of my future family – I think about the love I want to share with my wife and the time that I want to spend with my children. This is my spark of motivation. The future with loved ones is the ultimate prize for me.

If I don’t succeed, if I don’t build a name for myself, how can I expect to teach my future children to be strong, self-dependent people?

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