How to Reduce and Expend Calories

Three weeks ago, I wrote about reducing caloric intake. The reason of reducing calories is probably blindingly obvious to everyone. How do we do it though? After reading thoroughly through many fitness websites and personal trainer’s thoughts, I’ve compiled a list of four ways to reduce intake calories and burn more calories.

1. Eat an Abundant Amount of Protein and Fibrous Foods

Proteins and foods in high fiber keep people full for extended periods of time. Fiber absorbs water, giving the body the feeling that it is full (not to mention, high fiber foods will clean your excretory system). This will prevent you from eating so often. Here are high protein foods and here are high fiber foods.

2. Prevent binge eating; Eat less, but more frequently

Whoever thought of breakfast, lunch, and dinner were way off. Meals should be more frequent and food proportions should be reduced. When the body feels full, your stomach secretes insulin and glucagon. Insulin regulates your blood sugar level. When you eat too much, too much insulin is released, dissolving high amounts of sugar into the blood. When your body finally breaks down the insulin, the sugar in the blood drops significantly. Your body detects this and releases glucagon, a chemical that tells the body to store fat.

3. Gain Muscle Mass

Muscles are constantly working and burning calories. In an hour, three pounds of muscle can burn as many calories as 30 minutes of walking. Let’s say you walked 1 hour daily. A 180-lb man would have burned about 200 calories for that hour. Say that same 180-lb man gained 3-lbs of muscle and walked for an hour. That man would have burned over 300 calories from that one hour. (1 pound of muscle burns about 35 calories at rest).

4. Try Interval Training

Studies have proven interval training is more likely to increase metabolism and burn more fat than ordinary cardio training. Interval training is the concept of alternating highly intensive and moderately intensive spurts of cardio. For example, if you’re running on a treadmill, try running high intensive for one minute, then jogging for the next, and repeat. You can burn more calories in less time.

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