Talent vs Experience vs Intelligence vs Dedication

If you were to hire one of the following four people to fill the position of assistant manager, who would you hire? HR managers are hiring people for different reasons.

Person A (Talent) – I’m naturally talented at managing people. I coordinated fluid operations of a 5-star hotel, consisting of 100 employees for about a year. Prior to this, I was a graduate of high school, but I lead and managed all of my friends to coordinate homework assignments and study groups. I’m passionate about fitting the right cogs into the exact part of a machine.

Person B (Experience) – I’ve been an assistant manager of McDonalds for 10 years. I know what it means to be an assistant manager and I know how to get the job done. I am willing to go that extra mile to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Over the course of 10 years, I’ve learned to quickly identify problems and find a resolution to that problem.

Person C (Intelligence) – Although I’m free out of college, I know I have what it takes to fill the position. I’m a graduate from Harvard. I have never found any work to be difficult. Even though I would skip class, I would easily get straight As in courses because I’m able to look into my professor and identify what they are looking for.

Person D (Dedication) – I never went to college because my family comes from a difficult financial background. I had to work to put my younger siblings through school. I’m an exceptionally hard-worker. Most people classify me as a workaholic because I will spend time working (off the clock) to ensure that every task is completed.

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