Introspection: Immerse Yourself

Whenever my friends begin to contemplate decisions, whether they are small or life-changing, they don’t research, assess, analyze, or extrapolate the effects of their choices.

Of course, minuscule decisions like what kind of gum you should chew have very little effect on the course of your life, but sometimes something like a major surgery or a business project can make a huge impact on your life.

They don’t look into the various recourse options. We live in a day where information is readily available to everyone. And we’re lucky. We can search who are the best doctors. We can find reviews on what businesses have the best practices.

Immerse yourself in whatever you’re trying to do.

Let’s say you’re applying for a job. Instead of randomly sending a million resumes to every company known to man, why don’t you try researching specific companies that you’d like to work for, find their flaws, find their strengths, and determine how YOU can make an impact on their company. Write that in your cover letter. This is way more effective than the typical “job searching” pattern that people have come to think of.

Let’s say you’re about to have a kid. Find parents, read online over what the best practices, common mistakes, and methods to become the best parents are. Why would you be so arrogant to think you’re going to be the best person on your first try?

When you learn a new sport or start a new hobby, you usually have someone teach you. When we go to school, teachers require you to READ and LEARN and THINK about the subject. The point of school isn’t to teach you useless information, it’s to learn the method ┬áin which life should be lived. Apply it to your decisions, small or large.

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