Communication is Key


In Korea, I’m of that age to get married. There seems to be a lot of social pressure for me to get married.┬áRecently, every conversation with my parents have been anchored by the topic of marriage. The topic is broached with every relative I meet. Most of my friends are eloped or are in the process.

And I believe that I am prepared, granted that I meet the right person. But as I wrote about what I’m looking for, I discovered that I’m awfully picky. I’m not looking to “settle,” but to grow. I need someone to push me, to cultivate me, to encourage me. And I want someone I can build as well.

Of course, they’re not a project, but I just want a mutually beneficial relationship – a symbiotic one, of sorts.

And I have made my efforts to date women of all sorts to expand my pool of possibility. In Korea, I even went out on set-ups.

And they went well, in my opinion. But the largest obstacle that I would face in meeting is the communication barrier. Yes, there will be some cultural disparities and conflicting perspectives, but I honestly believe these can be fused with the correct amount of communication.

But how do you learn to communicate every facet of your persona and opinion when you speak two different languages and come from two different worlds?

Am I making an excuse? Or is this a legitimate concern? I understand that I am afraid of commitment and the possibility of letting others down. Is my thinking a result of this fear or is it something that I truly believe?

Do I take a leap of faith or abandon all efforts?

This is someone who I will be spending the remainder of my life with. It should be someone I should be able to communicate with in a multitude of fashions.

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