Train Yourself to be Charismatic – Become a Leader

Being a leader is a demanding and daunting task. Some people have a natural ability to lead. Studies from Stanford show that leadership and charisma are skills that are developed and honed. Leaders have visualized, practiced, and acted in leadership positions. Parents have the greatest influence on how you develop leadership abilities. But now that we’ve grown up, how are we to learn these skills? First, note the following qualities that most leaders possess:
  • Be proactive. Leaders will think far ahead and visualize of events that will take place. Think through tasks that need to be completed and when it comes time to begin these tasks, take initiative to complete these takes.
  • Be decisive. When an unanticipated scenario (there will be a lot of these) begin to form, make a firm decision. It may not always be the right decision, but be confident in yourself that you made the best judgement.
  • Respect others. Listen to them and instill your thoughts in a non-intrusive and respectful way. Leaders have the ability to assess the feelings and emotions of others and draw out emotions that will align with their own.
  • Communicate in a genuine manner. Superficiality is easily detected.
  • Analyze your performance and brainstorm ways to improve yourself constantly.

Most self-improvement and self-help books are a collection of the above stated points. They may be mixed-up, jumbled, or reiterated, but the focus is that leadership is a quality that needs to be developed from within. The above may seem like common sense, but when humans become emotional, they oversee their flaws and become stubborn. Practice your leadership abilities and act.

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