Introspection – The Might of Cancer

The last week has been eye-opening for me to say the least. Yesterday, I underwent surgical repair for a non-serious condition, an inguinal hernia, that I’ve endured for the last 3 years. Incidentally, I was hospitalized for 2 days.

I happened to share the room with 4 other people (5 people to a room). Most of the other people were admitted for the similar minor reasons involving their intestines.

However, one patient was a chronic patient who has been undergoing major surgery for the last past 5 months. He in a terminal cancer patient.

I’ve seen people with cancer and I’ve heard stories, but this has been my first encounter with someone who’s been combatting cancer. Of course, prior to sharing the room with him, he was a mere stranger, but hearing his stories were frightfully shocking.

He has scars all of his bodies (from invasive surgeries) and has had pretty much portions each organ sliced and removed. He is in constant pain and receives a steady drip of pain medication. He still has a few more surgeries to go.

One thing that resonated within his words is that I should do and eat what I enjoy.

If there’s one thing that I’ve been learning from life is that life changing moments are quick and abrupt, even though signs may creep up slowly. It’s truly impossible to identify the signs because they’re masked behind all that loud white noise.

I wonder what God has in store for me…

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