Maslow’s Pyramid to Happiness and Employee Retention

A couple of days ago, I spoke about employee retention and the importance of value in holding an employee. But how does one keep an employee? An employee has to be happy to stay at work place. There is no reason for someone to leave when they are happy. Let’s take a look at the famous pyramid of happiness by Maslow.

Keeping an employee in the workplace is to be able to meet the needs of that employee. If that employee is not satisfied with the lower foundations of the pyramids, the pyramid loses structural integrity and crumbles. Granted that most people who are working have their basic physiological needs met, you should really look at the third tier upwards in meeting their happiness.

Employees need to be reminded and recognized of their importance, once a week in the work place. They need to know they are a valuable asset  to the company and the work they are completing makes a difference in the company. Studies by the Gallup Organization have shown that direct managers have the greatest impact to an employee’s state of happiness. The best managers will be able to look at their team as a machine and identify areas that require maintenance and servicing. They will be able to raise happiness levels of their employees and thus raise overall productivity. I heard a great quote a few days ago. In the book, First, Break All the Rules by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman, there is a great quote… “Great managers look inward, great leaders look outward.” Managers will also look within their organization to find flaws and areas of improvement whereas great leaders are constantly looking outwards for flaws and areas of improvement.

Which do you see more of yourself doing?

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