Get a Job! My Tips to Enhance Your Resume

I’ve ranted about this before, but 90% of my friends suck at writing resumes. The sole purpose of your resume is to sell yourself to a company by providing a professional snapshot of you. The person on the resume reviewing end knows nothing about you and will not learn anything about you, especially if your resume sucks. If you read through your resume and discover lackluster description, grammatical errors, etc., the HR manager will be less inclined to offer you a job.

Luckily, I have some tips to spice things up!

  1. Fix those grammatical and spelling errors!
    1. I recognize and acknowledge that grammar nazis are inexplicably annoying; however, these two errors will automatically discount you from being considered because it demonstrates that you’ve spent little time on your resume. If you haven’t invested time in your resume, why should someone invest time in reading it?
    2. Most jobs require communication to coworkers, clientele, etc. in some facet or another. Although it may not be the case, a grammar error will often be perceived as, “this person has little to no education” when in reality, it was just a typographical error.
  2. Descriptions:
    1. Don’t write a list of duties, write a list of accomplishments.
    2. Use power verbs and measure via quantitative and qualitative modifiers.
    3. Use consistent grammar!
    4. Putting these into action in the below example:
      1. Attended group meetings and recorded minutes.
      2. Work with coworkers.
      3. I answered the telephone.
    5. This can be remedied with the following
      1. Increased meeting efficiencies over 25% by administering and moderating the “11 Habits of Highly Effective Meetings”
      2. Supervised a team of 10 coworkers in a high-intensity environment while generating a 10% more revenue annually.
      3. Enhanced productivity for phone operators by creating an phone call infrastructure and a diagram map.

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