Equation to Happiness

I have been reading a couple of books lately. One book that deserves raves is Fastlane Millionaire by MJ DeMarco. I have to admit there is a small bit of excessive and redundant material, but the key concepts are exceptionally well-written and poignant. One of my favorite chapters is chapter 5, where it mentions happiness and wealth. Simply put, he divides happiness into three fundamental F’s:

  1. Family (Relationships)
  2. Fitness (Health)
  3. Freedom (Choice)

Without one or the other, you are probably not genuinely happy. Happiness is a culmination of these three foundations. The purpose of my blog and life is to attain happiness. I’ve always blogged about my health (physical goals) and family (building stronger relationships). The other key concept to bringing a balanced life is to have the freedom (choice) to meet your lifestyle.

My happiness is dependent on these three things and even if one wavers, the other two begin to waver together, resulting in a downward spiral of unhappiness. It’s difficult, but keep yourself happy by controlling your relationships, health, and freedom.

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