My Letter to Google – A Cry for a Music Player

To Whom It May Concern:

I love Google. Google is the most innovative company to be able to manufacture a product with the utmost usability (user-friendliness) and pleasing¬†aesthetics, while delivering high performance. Let’s look at Google Chrome. I have been an advocate of Firefox for years. I started using it since the betas. Recently, I have run into a number of problems with Firefox’s integration with¬†Quick-time, Flash, etc. When I watch videos online, Firefox will lag or skip, creating an unpleasant experience altogether. I decided to try Chrome. Problem fixed.

Now, I don’t expect this letter to reach Google because I am just an average Joe (hmm.. or John Kim? I don’t know the Asian equivalent to the average Joe is). I digress. Google needs a music player. No, I don’t want a Google Gadget, widget, or any embedded media player. What I want is a stand-alone music player. Google, do you want to annoy your competitors even more? I challenge you to create an innovative, user-friendly, and fast-loading music player. iTunes is user-friendly, but takes an unforgivable time to load if you have an enormous music collection. Windows Media Player loads quickly, but has one of the worst interfaces I’ve dealt (am dealing) with. Zune player is probably the cleanest and quickest players I’ve used, but it has some serious issues with anti-virus programs like AVG. AVG declares every picture that Zune makes a virus. WinAmp? It loads quickly and displays a nice interface, but what if I’m trying to find a song? Do you really want me to scroll through that list? Okay, I guess I can locate it on my computer and manually play that song… but come on! We’re in the rapidly evolving 21st century. We want our computers to work for us.

Another reason I would like to see a Google music player is Google is able to utilize all of its already owned resources. When I do not have a song on my computer that I would like to listen to it, where do I go? Start -> Google Chrome -> -> song name. Bam. Song loaded. I am sure I’m not the only one! Look at all of the views! I am sure Google can figure out some way to embed their youtube video’s into their player, providing the option to disable video if the user wanted. Google, you already have millions and millions of songs in your arsenal. Incorporate them into the player!

I would love to see this player. Let me know when you’re about to release it. Thanks.

Your Loyal Fan,

Rex Kang

P.S. Once you get your music player up and running, I’d like to see Google’s version of an iPod or Zune. Thanks!

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