We’re Highly Emotional Beings

In finding balance, we need to find the perfect center between physical, emotional, and spiritual confluence. Why is it that people tend to value the physical aspect of life more? We crave, we desire, we lust for sexual gratification, or material gratification. But what we need more is emotional connection. Some of the richest people in the world are at the unhappiest points in their lives. They work restless hours, even though they can be financially free. They abandon their family and friends to tie deeper bonds with physical desires. They’re intoxicated with material needs.

Human’s have very little understanding to what we want. Our desires are constantly evolving based on physical state. We need to find an anchor in emotional values. When you discover that you have an emotional anchor that upholds all of your personal morals and philosophical values, you’re able to attain a stronger sense of elation. One beyond any physical gratification can dream to touch. Demand deeper emotional connections. Weave a unyielding friend and family tapestry. Forge strong bonds.

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