Layout of a Bar vs. Sales of Products

When I’m traveling alone, I end up sitting at the bar during dining. It’s just a natural inclination for most business travelers such as myself. As I was sitting, a number of thoughts raced through my mind. I’m sure there have been studies, but since I’m an overly analytical type of person, I started to ponder a couple of ideas. When you own your business, you should¬†contemplate¬†the following because it will ultimately reflect a measurable impact on your sales. The quantification is somewhat difficult and complex so for the time being, I’ll just lay out a number of questions so you can find yourself perplexed as I did.

  1. How should you optimize the layout of your bar? Will it have two tier shelving, three tier shelving, or just a single tier?
  2. How does the real estate of the bottles affect the sales? Obviously, there are a number of factors that need to be considered when placing the alcohol bottles such as, but not limited to: what type of alcohol it is (scotch, cognac, whiskey, etc.), how much it costs, what the bottle label looks like, how quickly the bottle circulates (products that move quickly should be placed in a zone where it can be accessed with ease), etc.
    1. Going deeper into the real estate, if you’re trying to move product that has a premium price, wouldn’t you want to place it so it can be seen visually?
  3. What components should be analyzed when you place these bottles? A bottle that looks like it’s sealed will move less quickly than one that is opened. A bottle that has a stainless steel pourer will look more visually appealing thus will move more quickly than one that is corked up. A stainless steel pourer with a longer tip will attract more drinkers than one with a shorter tip.
    1. It may seem obviously, but for certain beverages such as wine, the bottle pourer should completely seal the wine so that it does not impact the integrity of the wine. If certain alcohols aerate too much, the taste will differ.
  4. What level of alcohol should remain in the bottle? I would be more inclined to order something that is less full because it circulates more often. Subconsciously, I would think that more people drink it because it tastes better.
  5. How does the cork affect the appearance of the bottle? It is made entirely of cork or it is lined with plastic to protect the integrity of the drink? Would you prefer drinking something with a plastic top or a cork top?

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