The Unforgiving Drops of Rain

Rain works miracles for my sinuses. Those with allergies know how much of a blessing it is on days of rain. But some are unforgiving of the rain. They detest the feeling of getting wet.The feel moist and unclean. They feel defiled.

In Korea during the monsoon season, rain can fall for weeks at a time, without respite. People are always equipped with an umbrella, ready to employ its use as they step outdoors. They believe that rain damages hair and causes baldness. Upon inspection, this symptom is called Alopecia Areata (hair loss). There is no substantial evidence supporting the claim that rain causes hair loss. This belief came to be due to the rising acid rain. In heavily populated cities such as Seoul, pollution is avid. It is commonly thought that this collection of pollution is the cause of hair loss. I’m getting side-tracked as I don’t really want to blog about hair loss.

Point is that I love the rain and each culture perceives rain differently. I feel like drops of rain hitting my window are poetic sounds of sirens. The rain opens spiritual channels within me and I become more susceptible to my deeper, inner emotions. Humans are connected with rain because fundamentally, rain is water. We are made up of primarily water. We should connect with water and allow it open our soul.

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