Introspection: Family Values

Every since I’ve quit my job, I’ve had a lot of time to spend with my family. I love my friends and I enjoy my time with them, but in the end, blood is one of the strongest forces (if not the strongest) that hold you.

My parents unconditionally sacrifice for me. And they’ve always sacrificed for me. They live their lives vicariously through me.

When my brothers and I were younger in our teenage years, we hated to spend time with our parents. I think most teenagers go through this phase. It was only until college that you realize how much of a blessing it is to have such loving parents that always care for you. Who accept you for your flaws. Who understand your mistakes. Who love you regardless of how much hurt you can inflict on them.

I’m lucky to have such a splendid family. While my time in Korea, I had the opportunity to spend time with our extended family. My cousins (one, twice, three times removed) are all like brothers and sisters to me.

I hope that I continue to be blessed with these amazing family members and teach my future children the importance of family values.

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