Humility vs Arrogance – Keep Your Ego in Check


In the book, Egonomics by David Marcum and Steve Smith, there are personality traits that we need to keep in check. Ego should always be kept in balance or you risk brushing off the wrong way.

  • If you’re assertive, you risk coming off pushy.
  • If you’re analytical, you can be interpreted as pessimistic.
  • If you’re flexible, you can seem like a pushover.
  • If you’re charismatic, you risk being manipulative.
  • If you’re committed, you may be overbearing.
  • If you’re decisive, you can be seen as hasty.
  • If you’re dedicated, you may come off as stubborn.
  • If you’re directive, you risk the interpretation of dictatorial.
  • If you’re passionate, you can be overzealous.
  • If you’re dependable, you may be rigid.
  • If you’re optimistic, you can be interpreted as unrealistic.
  • If you’re open-minded, you may be indiscriminate.
  • If you’re discerning, you can be judgmental.
  • If you’re loyal, you may be interpreted as blind.
  • If you’re trusting, you can often be seen as naive.
  • If you’re strong-willed, you may be seen as inflexible.
  • If you’re pragmatic, you might be uninspired.
  • If you’re self-confident, you can be self-absorbed.
  • If you’re straightforward, you often can be considered inconsiderate.
  • If you’re alert, you may be anxious.
  • If you’re diplomatic, you risk being politcal.
  • If you’re determined, you may come off as stubborn.
  • If you’re courageous, you risk being reckless.
  • If you’re innovative, you may seem impractical.
  • If you’re disciplined, you can be restrictive.
  • If you’re smart, you may come off as a know-it-all.
  • If you’re independent, you may come off as detached.

Each positive quality can quickly be transformed into a negative.

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