Life Plan by Michael Hyatt

During my stay in Korea, I spoke with my brother about our lives, the direction in which our lives have gone, and how important it was to us to live a happy, fulfilling life. His insight was that my problem was my lack of a written life plan.

I had a general concept, the seemed vivid in my mind, but when I needed to elaborate and articulate all of the finer details, there was that missing taste.

And so he introduced me to Michael Hyatt.

Michael Hyatt is a famous writer and blogger. He is also someone who loves to live a life of constant self-growth and personal development.


Here’s an excerpt of his life plan:

Why do you need a life plan? Three reasons:

  1. It will give you clarity about where your life is headed.

  2. It will keep you in balance when things get crazy.

  3. It will give you peace of mind, knowing you are are addressing those aspects of your life that matter most.

The questions he asks seem inherent, simple, yet they are some of the most thought provoking and challenging questions to answer.

I encourage you to take a look into him and read his insight.

If you don’t plan your life, then it doesn’t matter where you go. You don’t have a destination.

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